CH 14 Study Guide



Anything that takes up space and has mass________Matter______________


The amount of space an object takes up_______Volume________________


The smallest particle that still behaves like the original matter it came from_______Atom____________


The measure of how closely packed an object’s atoms are________Density________________


The ability or tendency to float in water____Buoyancy_______________


A _____Solid________is matter that has a defined shape and will not lose its shape.


A _____Liquid________ is matter that will take the shape of any container it is placed in put has a fixed volume.


A ____Gas______ is matter that does NOT have a fixed shape or volume but will completely take up all the space in a container.



Draw a picture to show what the particles look like in the 3 states of matter: 


          Solid                                                Liquid                                                       Gas

Image result for particles in solid

A combination of two or more substances_______Mixture____________________


A mixture in which all parts are mixed evenly_________Solution_________________


A change in size or shape and often can be reversible________Physical Change____________________


A change in which a new substance is formed_______Chemical Change______________________



Label the following examples as “P” for physical or “C” for chemical


Mowing the grass_______P_________


A rusting bicycle_______C__________


Melting butter for popcorn______P___________


Separating sand from gravel_______P__________


Spoiling food_______C__________


Fireworks exploding______C___________


Squeezing oranges to make orange juice________P__________


Frying an egg______C_________


Water evaporates from a lake_________P___________

Water evaporates into steam_______P_________


A popsicle melting_________P__________


Food is digested in the stomach________C__________


Copper tarnishing________C_____________



More matter can be added easily to a container full of matter in which state? _____Gas_________


When a gas changes into a liquid_______Condensation___________________


When a liquid changes into a gas__________Evaporation__________________


What are 3 signs that something has gone through a chemical change:

1)      Color Change

2)      Odor

3)      Temperature change or formation of bubbles


Suppose you have two pieces of wood.  You carve one of them to make a wooden figurine.  You throw the other piece of wood in the fireplace to burn for warmth.  Both pieces of wood undergo a change.  Infer what kind of changes each piece of wood underwent.  Explain your reasoning.


Making a wooden figuring would be a physical change…..Burning a piece of wood would be a chemical change as a new substance is made.


Explain what the particles look like in the three states of matter:


Solid- Particles locked into place.


Liquid- Particles are close together, but can move easily


Gas- Well separated, flow easily